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2001 JEEP Grand Cherokee UK Version pictures

2001 JEEP Grand Cherokee UK Version
Review, specifications, features and benefits

2001 JEEP Grand Cherokee UK Version
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Grand Cherokee UK Version

With plaudits and awards rolling in, and sales soaring, the new generation value-for-money Jeep Grand Cherokee has taken up the Jeep® banner with flair, setting new standards of luxury 4x4 motoring.

Now that prices are even lower, Jeep Grand Cherokee represents phenomenal value. The top-of-the-range V8 has been reduced to £30,995 from £34,995, the rugged 3.1TD now costs £27,995, a reduction of £3,000, and the versatile 4.0 petrol is reduced by £2,000 to £27,995.

Certainly the all-new Jeep® Grand Cherokee has some big boots to fill. Its predecessor set new sales records every year following its launch into Europe in 1993.

To ensure Jeep Grand Cherokee stays ahead of the pack, the latest incarnation has been totally reworked, with a new 4.7-litre petrol V8 engine, new 3.1-litre Turbo Diesel, re-engineered 4.0-litre straight six petrol engine, and innovative world-class 4x4 technology.

Jeep Grand Cherokee, built specifically for the UK market at Graz in Austria, successfully marries the most cosseting luxury car comfort, ride and performance, to rugged go-anywhere ability in even the most hostile terrain, entirely in keeping with the robust Jeep legend.

The flagship of the Chrysler brand, Grand Cherokee is a classic American design, entirely in keeping with the Chrysler marque strengths of innovation, and individuality, a car that exudes passion and styling flair, laying down a new benchmark to which 4x4 pretenders can only aspire.


New Jeep Grand Cherokee is the first Jeep vehicle developed and engineered using cutting-edge CATIA (Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) computer design technology. For all the technological

innovation that lies under the skin though, there is no mistaking the new-shape Jeep Grand Cherokee's motif Jeep grille, less angular and more raked, unmistakably Jeep yet in keeping with the car's more fluid, refined and dynamic looks.

The instantly recognised grille is flanked by jewel-like headlamps that match stunning looks to increased efficiency. A brighter, wider beam pattern is matched to headlamp levelling, so that even when the car is heavily loaded or towing, the headlamps can be 'tuned' for optimum safety. The windscreen is steeply angled, for greater aerodynamic efficiency. To the rear, bold tri-colour tail lamps lend Jeep Grand Cherokee its distinctive on-road personality, to stand out from the crowd.

The interior has more room for occupants and luggage. By making Jeep Grand Cherokee 11 cm longer (4.4 inches), 6.4 cm higher (2.5 inches), and 4 cm wider (1.6 inches), occupants can now enjoy an extra 2.5 cm (one inch) more front headroom, 1.2 cm (half an inch) more rear head room, 7.8 cm (3.1 inches) more rear hip room and 36 litres (1.3 cubic feet) more luggage space.

There are new materials and a bold new look. The theme is elegant luxury. Soft-touch surfaces give a solid, reassuring feel. For the driver, control is total. All primary controls are to hand on stalks around the steering wheel, and key controls for the advanced audio system are integrated into the leather covered steering wheel.

There is more headroom front and rear, more hip room in the back, some 36 litres (1.2 cubic feet) more cargo volume, and with the full size spare tyre tucked away neatly under the rear cargo floor, easy-fold split rear seats and fold-down armrests open up a cavernous luggage compartment in a matter of moments.

The level of equipment is lavish right across the range. Standard specification includes the dual zone climate control system that independently controls air temperature for both sides of the cabin. There are heated front seats with 10-way power adjustment and memory settings, a 180 watt six speaker sound system and 'his' and 'hers' key fobs with full memory settings. There is also a rear screen radio aerial, flip-up hinged rear window and power, and electrically controlled, folding wing mirrors with 'his' and 'hers' memory settings. Also standard is cruise control, the programmable overhead console information centre, leather trim, tinted glass and illuminated vanity mirrors, and 17 inch alloy wheels.

For safety dual front airbags are standard, as are side impact protection guards, and anti-lock brakes. Should you want to tour your Jeep Grand Cherokee at speed abroad, unique tyres designed specifically with high speed motoring in mind allow a top cruising speed of 125 mph, which guarantees superior handling and ultra-short braking distances.

Such attention to detail, a Chrysler design trade mark, can be further seen with air foil windscreen wipers that ensure clear vision during high speed motorway driving, and the tuning of the steering gear and suspension specifically for confidence-inspiring handling at motorway speeds.


Jeep Grand Cherokee is now powered by two all-new engines and a thoroughly reworked, more powerful, version of the much-loved 4.0-litre straight six petrol powerplant. The muscular all-new 4.7-litre V8 PowerTech engine, new 3.1-litre five cylinder Turbo diesel and the 4.0-litre straight six petrol engines have been designed specifically to offer better performance, improved fuel consumption, better quality and reliability, and to be quieter and smoother for a more sophisticated and relaxing ride.

David Van Raaphorst, of Jeep Product Planning, says: "We designed these new engines so as to maximise fuel efficiency and to minimise emissions, while setting new standards for performance and refinement.

"For the V8 it meant more usable power, less noise, reduced vibration and less harshness, and greater durability. We have made this V8 one of the most quiet, refined and best sounding petrol powerplants Chrysler has ever developed. This has been done by increasing engine and overall powertrain stiffness, improving the balance of rotating components and upgrading the powertrain mounting systems.

"Engine efficiencies were key goals in the development process. With the extensive use of alternative materials, plus our ability to optimise the air flow by using computer simulations, we have engines that produce more power, use less fuel, and burn cleaner.

"For the Turbo Diesel it meant that we added a cylinder and increased the displacement to meet the demand for added performance."

4.7-LITRE V8

The 4.7-litre V8, offers more usable power, greater torque for improved pulling power and greater durability. It takes Jeep Grand Cherokee to a top speed of 124 mph and from 0-60 mph in eight seconds. The V8 PowerTech engine delivers 220 bhp at 4600 rpm and 291 lb ft of torque at 3300 rpm. Vibration is at a minimum thanks to the use of stiffer structures and moving parts, and by reducing noise from inside the engine. But there is still that distinctive V8 exhaust burble.

Power levels are up thanks to the fast-burn combustion technology. This has the added bonus of improving fuel economy by getting more work from any given amount of fuel, aided by a computer-designed water pump that reduces wasted power. As a result, despite its 4.7 litres, the V8 is capable of 20.8 mpg.


With a third of Jeep Grand Cherokee sales in Europe featuring diesel powerplants, the all-new 3.1-litre Turbo Diesel engine, is a significant option for drivers keen to use the massive pulling power of a diesel unit for the toughest off-road jobs such as towing trailers, caravans and horseboxes. The 3.1 TD, built at VM Motors in Cento, Italy, is the first ever diesel-engined Jeep to be fitted with an automatic transmission as standard, and can tow loads of up to 3500 kg.

The beefy five cylinder 3125 cc Turbo Diesel is smoothly responsive, marrying power, economy and civilised on-road use, to storming off-road capability thanks to its massive 283 lb ft of torque, and a power rating of 138 bhp at 3600 rpm.

None of which does anything to diminish the diesel's forecourt-shy economy. Driving more than 700 miles on a tank of fuel is a feat for any car. But the Turbo Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee will do just that. This is no idle marketing boast, as a 3.1-litre Turbo Diesel travelled all the way from Dover to the North East of Scotland on just one tank of fuel, averaging a miserly 43 mpg, and covering 735 miles (1,176 kilometres) on 78 litres. That works out at an average 42.86 mpg or 6.63 l/100 km. Official economy figures show the Turbo Diesel returns 29.1 mpg extra urban, 24.1 mpg combined, and 19.5 mpg urban cycle.

To minimise noise and vibration, the diesel engine, transmission and transfer case include a set of interconnecting steel struts similar to those used in the 4.0-litre petrol engine. These struts increase the natural vibration frequency of the assembly, which removes a source of annoying vibration. The vibration is further reduced thanks to a new direct-mount air conditioning compressor, as well as improvements to the compact alternator and power steering brackets. A single serpentine belt with automatic tensioner drives all the engine-mounted accessories, which reduces peak bearing loads for quieter operation.

Steve Gray, General Manager Marketing for Chrysler and Jeep says: "Now it is possible to have all of the benefits of the diesel engine with the sophistication and ease of operation of automatic transmission."


The 4.0-litre straight six petrol engine has been extensively revised, and as a result is 10 per cent more powerful, delivering 188 bhp at 5000 rpm, 218 lb ft of torque at 3050 rpm, with a top speed of 117 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 10 seconds, returning 23.5 mpg on the extra urban cycle.

Upgrades to the 4.0-litre powerplant make it quieter, but at the same time more powerful and environmentally cleaner. A new splitter-vane water pump is 50 per cent more efficient, and a new cylinder head with reduced-area exhaust ports and new exhaust manifolds expel spent combustion products more efficiently, which also increases power. A lower idle speed helps improve fuel economy.

So that the 4.0-litre Jeep Grand Cherokee is quieter and more relaxing to drive, Chrysler Jeep engineers have worked hard to reduce noise and vibration from the engine, transmission and transfer with a set of steel struts used to interconnect all three. The result is markedly less noise, vibration and harshness perceived by the car's occupants.


The fully automatic, electronically controlled multi-speed 45RFE is all-new for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7-litre V8. Another breakthrough comes in the shape of the automatic transmission with the 3.1-litre Turbo Diesel, making it the Jeep with a diesel engine matched to automatic transmission.

The 45RFE automatic transmission and V8 engine have been designed and engineered in harmony and precisely calibrated to bring the best out of one another. The result is a highly sophisticated engine/transmission powertrain that delivers huge amounts of power in a refined, easy-to-use flow, a partnership that also results in improved fuel efficiency and greatly reduced exhaust emissions.

David Van Raaphorst of Chrysler Jeep Product Planning says: "Incorporating optimised gear ratio steps and state-of-the-art features, the 45RFE represents a new level for shift refinement, noise, vibration and harshness characteristics and durability."

The 45RFE Automatic transmission also clearly establishes Jeep Grand Cherokee as a class leader as it is the only 4x4 in its class with the advantage of a reverse gear ratio that is equal to the first gear ratio. For 4x4 drivers, especially the motorist who tows or is used to carrying heavy loads, this is a particularly useful feature.

The 45RFE also has the widest range of gear ratios in any transmission in its class. The innovative design means that, together with the precise step selections, gear shifts with the enormously powerful V8 are silken smooth, while also ensuring that maximum power and keenest fuel economy are maintained no matter what the conditions.

The whole Jeep Grand Cherokee range comes with automatic transmission. The 3.1-litre Turbo Diesel is partnered with a thoroughly re-engineered version of the 44RE electronically controlled four-speed transmission, while the 4.0-litre straight six petrol unit is mated to the proven, totally updated, electronically controlled four-speed 42RE automatic transmission.


Chrysler's all-new Quadra-Drive four-wheel drive system is an industry exclusive for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Quadra-Drive combines, for the first time, the proven Quadra-Trac ll transfer case with the Vari-Lok progressive front and rear axle differentials. The combined Quadra-Drive system is a new concept in 4x4, delivering class-leading levels of responsiveness and traction on and off road, whatever the conditions, the weather or the terrain, all of it done instantly and automatically, without the driver having to endlessly push buttons or fiddle with levers.

Under normal motoring conditions, all Jeep Grand Cherokees have most of their engine power delivered just to the rear wheels. If the system detects any loss of grip, power is also instantly sent to the front axle, giving back to the driver total control and enhanced traction.

The instant a wheel loses traction, the speed variation between the front and rear axle causes a gerotor pump to apply hydraulic pressure to a multi-disc clutch-plate. This in turn sends power to the front axle. Within fractions of a second, traction and control is seamlessly transferred allowing Grand Cherokee to continue on its way without fuss or worry. The Jeep Grand Cherokee driver may not even notice the gerotor pump doing its job, except for the car's serene and untroubled progress. In another industry breakthrough, the response of the gerotor pump can be tuned to match driving conditions precisely so that the advanced system can be used in the front axle as well as the rear.

The Vari-Lok technology guarantees power is delivered to the wheel with the most grip. This keeps Jeep Grand Cherokee on the move at all times. The beauty of Vari-Lok is that it can deliver far more torque to the wheel that is getting the most grip, than can conventional limited-slip systems. This is because power transfer in a Vari-Lok differential is proportional to wheel speed difference rather than torque difference as is the case with most mechanical limited-slip systems.

The result is a system that is especially effective on surfaces where opposite wheels find themselves on surfaces with very different friction and traction characteristics. Where one wheel is on tarmac and the other on wet grass, or one wheel on ice and the other on track, Vari-Lok comes into its own.

The result is improved handling and stability in wet weather, on slippery roads, in ice, or in rain. As well as getting the maximum possible traction when accelerating, Quadra-Trac ll includes a low range for highly effective off-road operation.

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