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2002 JEEP Willys2 Concept
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2002 JEEP Willys2 Concept
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Willys2 Concept

At the 2001 Tokyo Motorshow Daimler Chrysler showcased this Jeep Willys 2 concept. The Willys 2 is as its name suggests the second Willys concept, and it continues on the lines set out by the award winning Willys concept. Launched at the 2001 Detroit Motorshow. The ultra-modern interpretation of trademark Jeep design cues, including the seven-slot grille and trapezoidal wheel arches, makes Willys2 stand out at any auto show. The vehicle is finished in Action Green metallic paint.

Yet with this newest concept, the Jeep brand continues to develop products reflecting true Jeep values. A combination of honest heritage and modern technology, Willys2 sports a high-tech machined appearance while still evocative of its World War II ancestor, the Willys MB, a vehicle that quickly earned a reputation as an American hero. Although a concept vehicle with no imminent production plans, Jeep Willys2 embraces its past while looking forward toward its global future.

The carbon fibre hard top comes equipped with a roof rack featuring a full-size spare tire holder and an integrated luggage carrier, as well as bindings for multiple kinds of outdoor gear. Three auxiliary fog and search lamps emphasize the 'go-anywhere do-anything' attitude that is characteristic of the Jeep brand.

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